Avengers: Blade is an unlikely teammate but he isn’t the first unexpected member

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics


Cable is known as a time-traveling X-Man. He tends to not spend too much time in one time period or one place in general. When there’s an incident in the past or future that he can fix, he takes care of it. It doesn’t matter that he may be looked at as the bad guy. Cable knows that he made the right decision because he’s been to the hellish future that he is trying to prevent. Everything that was just mentioned is exactly why it was weird seeing Cable as an Avenger.

Rogue’s Unity Squad Avengers were comprised of mutants, Inhumans, and other superheroes. This was Steve Rogers’ idea to show the world that everyone could co-exist. Cable accidentally ended up on this team and didn’t leave until his time was done.

Wolverine may be stubborn, but very few are as bad as Cable. Considering his father is Cyclops, this shouldn’t be shocking. Cable is willing to kill, doesn’t follow orders, and has no problem punching his teammates in the face if they aren’t listening to him. And after Cable tried to kill the Avengers, it’s shocking that any of them trusted him.