Avengers: Blade is an unlikely teammate but he isn’t the first unexpected member

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Luke Cage

Luke Cage flat out said that teams weren’t something that he ever thought about. Considering he likes to do things his own ways it’s not shocking. Cage was essentially a stereotype for years and was a play on blaxploitation films that were popular in the 1970s.

For years, Marvel tried to reinvent his character but had no luck. Brian Michael Bendis came along and changed all of that. He made Luke Cage a character that people loved while maintaining that Luke was a black man with black values without making him a stereotype.

Luke Cage became an Avenger at a perfect time. After Captain America died, someone needed to carry the torch and keep fighting with his Avengers during while the Superhero Registration Act was law. Luke ended up becoming a leader and didn’t even set out to be one. People just followed his lead because he was that strong of a presence and would usually lead the charge into battle.

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Another underrated quality is that hheand Steve Rogers have the same values. An unbreakable will, stepping up even when the odds are against you, and protecting the people who can’t protect themselves.