Five X-Men series that would be perfect for Disney Plus

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4. Magneto

Technically, we’ve seen a young Magneto in Fox’s X-Men universe played amazingly by Michael Fassbender. Some might even argue he’s been overused.

However, there’s a dark history that still hasn’t been explored. What Bryan Singer did was brilliant, but didn’t tell the full story. Imagine a show spanning from the early years of Magneto to his adulthood.

The tragic story of Max Eisenhardt, aka Magneto, begins with a young Jewish boy’s struggle during the rise of the Nazi power. Max’s early manifestations of his powers likely aided in his survival, while his parents and sister were executed.

Max was taken to Auschwitz concentration camp, where he met his first love. Together, they escaped the horror, got married and birthed Anya. Magnus worked as a carpenter during this time, as his powers were latent.

It wasn’t until his daughter’s murder by a mob that his powers once again manifested. His wife feared him and fled, and she was also pregnant with two children, Wanda and Pietro. Meanwhile, Magnus became Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, a gypsy living in Israel where he’d eventually meet Charles Xavier.

If told correctly, his story, to some degree, could retcon Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s origin stories. Either way, a Magneto story has enough to material that paints him as a complex empathetic anti-villain.