Five X-Men series that would be perfect for Disney Plus

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

3. Rogue, Destiny, and Mystique

Word around the web surrounding Dark Phoenix suggests that it’s Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique who kicks the bucket. Despite Lawrence’s acting prowess, it’s safe to say she’s outgrown her role as Mystique.

Besides, Fox turned Mystique into a hero and true member of the X-Men, but failed to capitalize on the history that exists with the comics. With that said, Lawrence is replaceable and Disney Plus is the way to tell a great Mystique story.

The convoluted history of Mystique is enough to allow freedom but deep enough to tell a story, one that includes her grinds birth to two other children, a mutant hater, Graydon Creed, and Nightcrawler.

As a matter of fact, that story should include Rogue and Destiny. The last time we saw Rogue was Anna Paquin’s cameo in X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Before that, the original trilogy didn’t do her story justice. There wasn’t a connection with Mystique and definitely none with Destiny.

In fact, throughout the entire franchise, Destiny wasn’t acknowledged despite the role she played in Mystique’s life. They were lifelong lovers and friends. Before becoming Mystique and Destiny, the two teamed up early on.

Raven, aka Mystique, worked as a detective and helped Destiny uncover her prophesied visions. They worked to ensure that Destiny’s negative dreams didn’t come true. This already sounds like a Disney Plus crime-drama.

Later, the two would live together and raise a foster child, Rogue. They’d eventually adopt the names Mystique and Destiny to form the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Sounds like an epic series.