The Punisher: Grading the characters from season 2

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Credit: Cara Howe/Netflix from Marvel’s The Punisher

John Pilgrim: A+

Seeing John Pilgrim in the trailer left questions on what he would be. All anyone knew was that he was a man of the church. Once the season started, we found out there was a lot of depth to his character. A reformed racist who still does his penance, a man who would do anything for his wife and kids, and a contract killer. Marvel tends to add antagonists that people can relate to. John Pilgrim started off as a man who was just out to kill to someone people may have started to feel bad for. That may be why the Punisher let him live.

Pilgrim should have been the only villain in this season. He was more interesting and had more depth than Billy Russo.

Dinah Madani: A

Dinah was flat out bad in season 1. We had no real reason to care about her even after everything that happened to her with Billy. This time, she did a complete flip. She played the tough woman still recovering from a traumatic moment well. She also nailed the idea of wanted to be hardcore, but still worried about crossing the line. Amber Rose Revah gave us everything we could have wanted. The only downfall is that she had to follow the Billy storyline. Thankfully, she spent more time dealing with everyone else. Otherwise, a stellar season.