25 greatest Marvel-Netflix characters of all-time

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15. Ben Poindexter

Ben Poindexter was introduced in Daredevil Season Three as an FBI agent who was initially charged with protecting Wilson Fisk as he was transported from prison. He gained Fisk’s attention when he killed all of the attackers who tried to intercept his transfer. Fisk noticed that he showed an incredible talent for marksmanship and spent his time trying to get to know him.

As we learned more about Dex, we discovered that he suffered from a mental illness from a very young age. He was unstable and suffered from psychopathic tendencies and the Kingpin attempted to exploit this. In order to control himself, Dex had a very structured life, he needed the rules and structure to keep his mind sane. Fisk noticed this and gradually began to tear it apart.

When Dex was most vulnerable, Fisk moved in and manipulated him to become his personal assassin and bodyguard. Fisk gave him a copy of the Daredevil costume and sent Dex out to dirty the name of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. This came to a head when Dex went to the New York Bulletin offices and began to brutally murder all of the staff.

His mental state continued to deteriorate as the season progressed and he eventually turned against Fisk. As the real Daredevil confronted the Kingpin in his penthouse, Dex had also made his way there with the intent of killing the villain. However, Murdock’s code said that Fisk needed to face justice, so he also had to stop Dex in his tracks. This led to Murdock breaking Dex’s spine.