25 greatest Marvel-Netflix characters of all-time

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14. Agent Nadeem

Ray Nadeem was introduced in Daredevil Season Three as a frustrated FBI agent. He worked hard throughout his life to try to provide the best life for his family, but was often passed over for promotions. When he confronted his boss about this, she relented and allowed him to take charge of the transfer of Wilson Fisk and his life was changed forever.

Nadeem was a family man who cared very deeply about providing for them. But, his dealings with Fisk dragged him deeper and deeper into a darkness that he wasn’t aware he had. He made a deal with Fisk that he’d meet his demands in exchange for information on other crime syndicates. This led to the Kingpin living in a penthouse suite with a heavily armed FBI task force guarding him.

Of course, this was not met with approval by the general public, but Nadeem did what he felt was right. It was only when his friend Dex started behaving erratically that Nadeem noticed something suspicious was going on — Fisk had actually managed to take control of the FBI and he had become a pawn for the Kingpin.

Eventually, Nadeem turned to Nelson and Murdock for help. He gave evidence in court to try and take down the Kingpin, but Fisk’s connections ran too deep. The evidence was dismissed and Nadeem returned home.  It was here that he filmed his heartbreaking death-bed confession that leaked online and was able to finally take down Fisk’s operation.