25 greatest Marvel-Netflix characters of all-time

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13. Trish Walker

Jessica Jones’s best friend and confidante. Trish was a former child star who was trying to escape her former life and be respected as a serious journalist. Her past as ‘Patsy’ lingered, but she had forged a successful radio show for herself in ‘Trish Talk’.

Trish’s mother took Jessica in after her accident and the two girls formed a strong bond. While Jessica didn’t seem too friendly, she could always rely on Trish. This is partly because Trish will do anything for people she cares about. She’s a determined woman who’ll do whatever it takes to protect her loved ones — this is why she works so hard with Jessica to take down Kilgrave.

As a child star, Trish lived an unusual life and as she got older, her behavior became more erratic. She spiralled into a cycle of self-destruction that only Jessica was able to get her out of. Jessica identified that the problem was her mother, Dorothy, who was over-bearing and constantly meddling in Trish’s affairs. Once she broke free, she vowed to leave Patsy behind forever.

It seems that Trish is jealous of Jessica’s abilities; during Season Two, she begins taking the inhaler used by Will Simpson to enhance her strength and focus. As such, she becomes addicted to the power and undergoes an experimental procedure to gain powers for herself. At first, it seems this hasn’t had any effect until she catches her phone on her foot. Perhaps Season Three will feature more of Trish’s fledgling abilities and her journey to becoming Hellcat.