25 greatest Marvel-Netflix characters of all-time

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5. Karen Page

Karen meets Foggy and Matt when she becomes their first client. From there, the three go on to form a great friendship. Though it’s tested many times, mainly due to Matt’s nightly activities, the bond they share is one of the divining rods of Daredevil.

Karen always sees the best in people and tries to be as optimistic as she possibly can be. As her story progresses, her faith in people is tested as she suffers a series of traumatic events. We first meet her after a man she was on a date with is shot in front of her and she is framed for his murder. Then, she is almost murdered while in police custody.

Things reach a boiling point when James Wesley kidnaps her and she shows her cunning side. After a momentary lapse in concentration on Wesley’s part, Page takes his gun and guns him down. From then on, she becomes a much darker and more determined character.

She starts working as Nelson and Murdock’s office manager but quickly becomes interested in pursuing a career in journalism. Her drive and determination impress Ben Urich (who was really unlucky not to be included in this list) and she eventually takes his place after he is killed.

When she meets Frank Castle, Page becomes a confidant to the Punisher as she sees his true self. She sees that he’s a man who needs help and someone to care for him. Her development over the series is something to be admired because she’s very different to the character we first met.