25 greatest Marvel-Netflix characters of all-time

Marvel's The Defenders.. Image Courtesy Netflix
Marvel's The Defenders.. Image Courtesy Netflix /
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1. Wilson Fisk (tie)

Every great hero needs a great villain, and Wilson Fisk’s Kingpin provides that in spades. Fisk is the perfect foil to Matt Murdock as deep down, he’s just as broken as Murdock is. As a child, Fisk brutally murdered his father, beating him to death with a hammer after his father made him listen as he beat his mother. Rather than chastise her son, Fisk’s mother comforted him and helped hide the body.

After he returned to New York as an adult, Fisk began a series of criminal businesses and developed a plan to level Hell’s Kitchen before rebuilding it. Much like Murdock, Fisk’s desire was to save his city, he just believed that the only way to do it was to destroy it first.

Despite his criminal activities, Fisk was actually a very shy character; he didn’t like to speak in front of crowds and very much kept himself to himself. Once he met Vanessa, he began to come out of his shell a bit more.

In light of all of this, he was brutal. At the end of the first episode he appears in, Fisk kills a member of the Russian mob by smashing his head between a car door, proving that though he might be shy, he certainly wasn’t one to be messed with.

His battles with Daredevil rank as some of the best fight scenes in the whole MCU and the psychological war between the two of them is a truly fantastic sight. There’s an argument that Matt Murdock is the best character in the Marvel Netflix Universe, but there’s no argument that Wilson Fisk is quite simply, the best villain in the whole MCU.

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