The Batman: Here’s why Reeves’ film sounds like The Long Halloween

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DEAUVILLE, FRANCE – SEPTEMBER 08: Oscar Isaac attends “Operation Finale” film Premiere on September 8, 2018 in Deauville, France. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Oscar Issac as Harvey Dent/Two-Face

Reeves said in the past that he wants to explore the early days of Bruce Wayne as Batman. What’s that without Harvey Dent aka Two-Face? Finding a unique Batman villain doesn’t mean ignoring the great ones.

Yes, Two-Face made a couple of live-action appearances, Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever and Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight.

Nevertheless, we haven’t quite seen a full-fledged Two-Face arc. Batman Forever is forgettable, while The Dark Knight told a different origin story.

The early days of Harvey Dent aren’t sinister. In fact, in The Long Halloween, he’s one of the good guys. Dent and Gordon teamed up to clean up Gotham and take down the Falcone and Maroni families.

Does Two-Face work as a standalone villain? Probably not. However, a story following a do-gooder district attorney turned deformed bipolar sociopath after taking down a crime boss is a great story.

If anyone can transform into the character that is Harvey Dent it’s Oscar Issac. From A Most Violent Year to Ex Machina, to Star Wars; each of his characters have felt different and unique. Issac is the man of many faces, so two faces is simple enough.

As a matter of fact, his name made its way around the interwebs regarding a role in The Batman.  Of course, they were just rumors, but it’s something Walter Hamada and Warner Bros should make happen.