TMNT City Fall & Change is Constant Kickstarter team Q&A

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Travis: As a massive Turtles fan and someone who is an original backer, I was heartbroken to see some of the community’s reaction to this Kickstarter.

On the flip side, as one who is getting a Master’s degree in Finance and is a small-business advisor for a Big-5 bank, I completely understand the financial cost of a project this size.

However, as one who is also in that program which costs 10’s of thousands a year, and who just got married last August, I was sad to see the price tag on games that I had been waiting for and realized there wouldn’t be enough money for me to commit. (There are MANY board games that heavily feature mini’s that I can’t afford)

Having a perspective from both sides of the argument, I watched as countless hours were spent with both sides having great conversations on the frustrations and excitement of this project. There has not been another team in my experience that has spent this much time personally addressing backer’s concerns.

I want to thank Nate, Dan, and Pete for being AMAZING in their correspondence with me, and I hope that all who got something from this article goes and thanks them in some format for the work they have put into this Kickstarter.

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Having spent hours of my life doing homebrew rules and mechanics in 5e and being a game manager for years, building a board game is not easy or quick work. These guys, who started off as fans, have put countless hours building and playtesting this game. Every mechanic or rule change charges hours of play-testing to see the effects on the balance of the game.

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