Marvel Cinematic Universe: 15 best MCU fight scenes of all-time

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Credit: Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Pictures; Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

7. Thor vs. Hulk

Movie: Thor: Ragnarok

This is another fight that people have been waiting to see for a long time. In Marvel’s The Avengers, they had a short fight. Thor didn’t want to fight The Hulk so there was no real brawl. Even during this fight in Thor Ragnarok, Thor didn’t want to fight him. He was ecstatic to see him with an audible, “YES! I know him. He’s a friend from work.”

Even after the Hulk hit him a few times, Thor tried to calm him down. When that didn’t work, they put on a show worthy of the gods.

Winner: Hulk by way of the Grandmaster

Thor was without his hammer and was unable to access his powers due to his confidence being shot. For a while, Thor held his own without the use of his lightning. Once he got control of his powers, Thor showed the Hulk what it meant to be a god. Too bad the fight was cut short when the Grandmaster intervened and shocked Thor with the control disc on his neck. That shock knocked Thor down giving Hulk the final blow.

Even though it was interrupted in the end, everyone got the answer they wanted. If MCU Thor wanted to beat the Hulk, he can and will. Even without his hammer, Thor was beating Hulk in hand to hand combat. Hulk may be strong, but he’s not a skilled fighter. Thor is on top of his powers.