The Punisher: Characters and stories we won’t see on Netflix

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Sgt. Rachel Cole-Alves

Sgt. Rachel Cole-Alves was a Marine who fought in the war in Afghanistan. While there, she met the man who became her husband. During the wedding reception, some of her family and friends were killed during a gang hit. She remained in a coma for a time and eventually gained the use of her legs again. As soon as she got out, she went after the people who destroyed her life. During this mission, she met the Punisher. He helped her become a better and more efficient killing machine so she could get her revenge.

This would have been a fitting end to The Punisher. It ends with her becoming the new Punisher. They both have similar beginnings and she’s a lot younger than he is. Also, this story ends with Punisher sacrificing his freedom going up against the Avengers. A fight that was more even than you’d assume it would be. This distraction helped her escape prison and the death penalty. She ends up with with the skills that Punisher showed her and some tricks of her own. There’s no way she wouldn’t have been a popular character.

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Even if the show didn’t continue, the series could have ended showing her wearing the Punisher skull on her shirt. Meaning his legacy continued.