Uncanny X-Men: What we do and don’t need from the new series

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Do: Multiple Man and Cyclops banter

Jamie Madrox and Cyclops don’t like each other. They barely even respected one another. Both of them are too stubborn to listen to each other, despite having the best intentions in mind. Because of their negative feelings towards each other, it was shocking seeing the cover of Uncanny X-Men with Multiple Man on the team. However, considering everything that’s been going on with mutants, it’s all hands on deck.

With the mutants of the world in need of help, and Cyclops and Multiple Man will have to work together. That doesn’t mean they have to like it. Their banter is hilarious. Hopefully, they’ll continue to argue with each other and make their characters stronger. People don’t like Cyclops because they think he’s boring (even though he isn’t), and Multiple Man isn’t a well-known character (Hopefully, this builds up momentum for the James Franco Multiple Man project). Together, they can solve their individual problems. Madrox will make Cyclops fun and give Madrox exposure.

In Peter David’s run of X-Factor (2005-2013) there is a future where Madrox beats Cyclops so bad he becomes a cyborg. This team-up could start that future. Or maybe now that Madrox knows what happens, he’ll restrain himself when they fight.