Uncanny X-Men: What we do and don’t need from the new series

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Don’t: Under utilize Magik

Illyana Rasputin is one of the most powerful mutants and sorcerers on the planet. She’s even taken Dr. Strange by surprise. For some reason she’s used more as just a teleporter instead of showing what she can really do. It’s like having a finishing move and never using it. Since she’s so powerful, we should see her do more. The limits of her powers are up to the imagination of the writer, and Matt Rosenberg is insanely creative. Hopefully, she’ll reach limits we’ve yet to see and achieve things we didn’t think possible.

With everything that’s been going on, this may be the thing that sets Magik over the edge. She’s wrestled with demons (literally and figuratively) for years. She may have had enough of protecting mutants from humans and give up on the dream of coexistence. Whether she remains an X-Man or goes to the dark side, it’s time we see more of what Magik can do. This is long overdue. No more glimpses. Give the readers a reason to love her going into the New Mutants project.