Wolverine Origins is the perfect starting point for new readers

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Smarter than he lets on

One common misconception about Logan is that he doesn’t plan anything. People assume that all he does is lead with his face, but Logan is a lot more calculated than that. When he runs in head first, it’s usually because he’d rather take the damage than let his teammates do so. He may not be the planner that Nick Fury and Cyclops are, but he’s no slouch.

This series started with Wolverine out for revenge. As the series progressed, it turned into him trying to save his son’s soul. Even though Daken hated him, that wasn’t going to stop Logan from trying. In order to do this, Logan had to find a way to get close to him. But how — by setting Deadpool up. Logan had Bucky pay Deadpool to kill him. Logan knew Daken wanted that honor for himself and knew this would draw his son out. Once Deadpool “defeated” Logan, Daken showed up only to catch a carbonadium bullet to the brain from Bucky. That bullet slowed down Daken’s healing factor long enough to take him away.

Another example was when Logan tricked Romulus. Romulus knew everything Logan would do even before Logan did. Logan had to swallow his pride and get help. He was smart enough to find the one person in the world whose plan would be so outrageous that no one could figure it out. He went to Deadpool. And it worked smashingly. Sometimes being smart means getting help, and that’s what Logan did.