Wolverine Origins is the perfect starting point for new readers

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Tough and emotional

Logan is known as one of the best fighters in comic books. He’s trained with the best fighters in multiple terrestrial and extraterrestrial fighting styles. Wolverine Origins highlights this when see him using guns in extreme situations in World War II ,  brawling, training in Madripoor with Silver Samurai to relearn skills with a sword he’s forgotten, and going up against Sebastian Shaw of the Hellfire Club. The toughness was always there and definitely needs to be highlighted, but Logan is so much more than his fighting. We also witness a softer side to Logan that people forget exists.

Wolverine has more layers to his personality than the casual fan realizes. Underneath the beer drinking, growling, and blood soaked body is someone who has compassion for the people close to him. The main focus of this book was to show Logan looking to get revenge for what was done to him, but what ends up happening is much deeper. Logan goes on a journey and learns to forgive himself and admit that he was a victim. He may have done some terrible things, but he wasn’t in control of actions. He was beaten physically and emotionally to be programmed to do horrible things to innocent people. More importantly, he’s spent his life trying to make up for the mistakes he’s made, the trait of someone who really regrets what they’ve done.