Five potential reasons Captain Marvel has been absent from the MCU

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Credit: Marvel Studios for Avengers: Endgame (2019) — Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.)

1. Out in Space 

In the comics, Carol is a big lover of space, it is in her blood, after all, well, in her genetic structure, to be more specific.

Captain Marvel was made into a hero by the Kree, “typically blue-skinned aliens who live on the planet Hala of the Pama System of the Large Magellanic Cloud.” For a time, she served as their champion. Could it be that Carol has been gone from the MCU, because the MCU has thus far taken part largely on Earth’s soil? After all, only a few of the last decade’s worth of movies have ventured out into the possibilities that exist for Marvel in space.

Perhaps, after Captain Marvel, and her renewed memory of her extraterrestrial existence, Carol returns to her roots to spend more time with the Kree on their planet. There, she is unaware of the struggles facing earth, or perhaps is too embroiled in the struggles facing space to be able to assist too much. But once Thanos’s snap pervades through the galaxies, everything changes.

If Captain Marvel were in space, this would also allow her a great in to the story of Avengers 4, because fan favorites Iron-Man and Nebula are both currently lost to the stars, in need of rescue… Or at least, that’s what the trailers would have us believe.

Tony and Carol have been historically close friends in the comics, and it would be great to see the pair of them forge a friendship in the MCU.

Plus, someone had better save Tony’s life. And who better than Captain Marvel?

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