Marvel Netflix: 15 best Marvel-Netflix show fight scenes of all-time

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Credit: Cara Howe/Netflix from Marvel’s The Punisher

6. Punisher VS John Pilgrim

The Punisher Season 2, “The Whirlwind”

Frank and John Pilgrim had been playing a game of cat and mouse almost the entire season. When they met, both men were weathered and ready to fall over. More importantly, they both had something to fight for.

The battle between the two was intense from the very first shot with a shovel from John Pilgrim, to the last hit with a metal gas tank blow from Frank. Neither one of these warriors were willing to give in, but Frank came out victorious. Just as Frank was going to deliver the final blow, Pilgrim asked Frank not to hurt his boys. This gave Frank a reason to pause.

You’re the Whirlwind

John Pilgrim called Frank “The Whirlwind.” This was reference to a Bible verse where the whirlwind was used to describe the wrath of God (which made sense since Pilgrim is a man of faith). Frank just seemed to keep coming no matter what Pilgrim hit Frank with or how hard. Frank refused to stay down because he had a righteous cause. But Frank saw something in John; a father who legitimately loved his sons. In that one moment, Frank made the decision to not kill him.

This fight exceeded expectations and having it in a dirty junk filled area was perfect. This gave both Frank and John enough “toys” to use in their fight. No guns. Just two guys using whatever they can get their hands on.