Marvel Netflix: 15 best Marvel-Netflix show fight scenes of all-time

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Photo Credit: Marvel’s The Defenders/Sarah Shatz, Netflix Image Acquired from Netflix Media Center

5. The Defenders Assemble

Just when it looked like Danny Rand was going to be abducted by the Hand, Luke Cage comes busting through the door right on time. This pause gave Danny the distraction he needed to get free. Even outnumbered and having never fought together, Luke and Danny made quick work of the goons.

Unbeknownst to them, Matt and Jessica were on their way to see what the commotion was. Jessica is surprised to see Luke busts through the wall since she hadn’t seen him since their fight. Before they could exchange pleasantries and introductions, more goons came. It was time for their first hallway fight scene (YAAAAY).

Just when things looked like they were going easy, Elektra shows up. She has no idea that her and Matt had a relationship and the two engage in one heck of a fight. Before she could deliver a final blow with her sword, Danny intervenes and breaks her sword with his Iron Fist and sends her crashing through a wall. The four of them leave the penthouse to find a safe place to talk.

Defenders Assemble!

The series started with each of them having a negative encounter with one another. Jessica and Matt had their issues and Luke and Danny had a fight before Luke saved him. Had fate not brought them together in a negative way, then they wouldn’t have gotten together to save the city. This was the most fun you’ll have in a Marvel Netflix fight scene. The quips were funny and the action was fluid and tailored to each character, while Elektra popping up was a perfect addition to top off the moment.