Marvel Netflix: 15 best Marvel-Netflix show fight scenes of all-time

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The Netflix Original Series “Marvel’s Daredevil”

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10. Wilson Fisk kills Ben Urich

Daredevil Season 1, “The Ones We Leave Behind”

Ben Urich was met at his home by Wilson Fisk who calmly waited in the corner for Urich to return. Fisk asked him if he visited his mother. Urich said yes. Fisk slowly gets angry repeating that Urich went after his mother. Urich said he’d been threatened before and was unfazed.

Unfortunately, Fisk isn’t like most others. As Fisk said, “I’m not here to threaten you. I’m here to kill you.” Fisk then leaped out of his seat and strangled Urich. The camera pans to Urich’s feet as the life is choked from his body.

You went after my mother

Urich was the gutsiest reporter you’d ever meet. Nobody intimidated him. He’d get everything he could for his story with no regard for his physical well-being. Too bad Wilson Fisk isn’t just some random good or gangster. He’s the best of the best. Fisk is as smart and cunning as he is unforgiving. Urich made the mistake of bringing Fisk’s mother into the equation and that got him killed.

This may have been the best scene in any of the Marvel Netflix shows. It was intense and the acting was the best we’ve seen. It may not have been a two-sided fight, but it was one nonetheless. Bring Fisk’s mother into the story and he won’t forgive you. One thing that sticks out was Fisk’s respect for Urich before he killed him. It was almost like he didn’t want to kill him, but knew he had to.