Riverdale: 20 most shocking moments during the first three seasons

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6. Jason Blossom’s Body Is Discovered

Episode: “Chapter One: The River’s Edge” (Season 1, Episode 1)

The moment that changed the sleepy town of Riverdale forever, Jason Blossom’s murder highlighted the corruption that had been bubbling away below the surface for years, exposing its blackened soul for the entire world to see and, to this day, remains one of the show’s most shocking scenes.

While the premiere season may have primarily focused on the mystery surrounding Jason’s murder, the premiere episode itself revolved around Jason’s disappearance and the unusual circumstances surrounding his apparent death. According to his twin sister Cheryl, the pair went out on a boat ride on Sweetwater River when he fell overboard and apparently drowned. However, his sudden disappearance is what kick-started all of the mysteries that would follow.

After enticing us with the questions surrounding Jason’s disappearance, the episode’s closing moments would throw a real spanner in the works as, after a secret rendezvous down by Sweetwater, Kevin and Moose discovered Jason’s body in the river itself – however, there was a gunshot wound in his head.

The news of the discovery quickly spread with the Andrews, the Lodges, the Coopers, Jughead, Reggie and, most importantly, the heartbroken Blossoms all watching in awe as Jason’s lifeless body was pulled from the river – all of them now aware of the fact that one of Riverdale’s favorite children didn’t drown accidentally, he was murdered. And with that, the town of Riverdale was changed forever and found itself at the center of corruption, lies and sin, setting the stage for the very first mystery that needed to be solved. It’s a mystery that, no matter how disturbing it became, we just couldn’t look away from.