Arrowverse: 15 best Arrow moments of all-time

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1. The Undertaking/Tommy’s Death

Episode: “Sacrifice” (Season 1, Episode 23)

Arrow‘s debut season told a sort of dual-narrative in which Oliver’s rise towards heroism was reflected in Malcolm Merlyn’s descent further into darkness. As one decided to channel his grief into completing his father’s mission, the other channelled it into exacting revenge on the area that took his wife from him.

But as all of this went down, another man – a friend to one, a son to the other – got caught in the middle. So it was only fitting that the season would come to an end with a battle between these two opposing forces, as the Emerald Archer met the Dark Archer in a fight for the fate of Starling City.

After coming up short every time he battled Merlyn, Oliver sought to put an end to his reign of terror once and for all in one final battle. As his team successfully disarmed the Big Bad’s earthquake device, Oliver dug deep and, upon hearing his father’s words, managed to defeat his enemy with an arrow. But just as we allowed ourselves to believe that it was all over, a dying Dark Archer activated a second earthquake device. And just like that, The Glades fell.

In a race against time, Oliver raced to CNRI to save the woman he loved, Laurel Lance, only to find out that she had already been saved by the man who was caught in the middle of his war with the Dark Archer, Merlyn’s own son Tommy. Unfortunately, he wasn’t so lucky.

A tearful Oliver did all he could to save his best friend but, just like us, Tommy knew he couldn’t be saved. With that, the vigilante lied to him out of love, telling him that he did not kill his father. It was a moving decision that got a heart-warming smile from Tommy before he passed on, breaking all of our hearts in the process.

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Over the course of 23 episodes, Tommy Merlyn developed from boy to man, as he was able to put his former playboy status aside and prove himself a worthy boyfriend to Laurel. Furthermore, he represented Oliver’s past and, although it took him a while, he ended up embracing his present.

So, it was a cruel decision to take him from us just as he was starting to accept what the island had done to Oliver. To this day, we still wonder what Arrow could have been like if he had remained a part of it.

Without a doubt, the most goosebump-inducing moment in Arrow‘s long history. We still miss you, Tommy.

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Arrow‘s seventh season is currently airing on The CW on Monday nights. Following its summer hiatus, it will return to the network for its eighth (and final) offering. What was your favorite Arrow moment? Let us know in the comments below!