Raphael Takes the Fight to Null in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles No. 94

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Meet the Mutanimals! Again!

As Raphael and Casey head off to meet her, Leonardo reports the day’s hellish events to master Splinter. The rat is furious that his son once again arranged a private meeting with an enemy. However, Splinter gets even angrier upon realizing the depth of Karai’s ambush against them, and her ability to get Don Puzorelli’s cartel (with Lupo as a middle manager) to switch allegiances away from the Foot Clan. Having remained away from the fight since Karai announced her war, Yoshi finds a place for his elite ninja to strike!

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The entire ordeal is bringing everyone near to their breaking point, and that includes Casey Jones and Raphael. The pair were unofficial adopted brothers long before Raphael reunited with his mutant family in this incarnation, and the pair are willing to open up more only to each other. It isn’t lost on Jones that Jennika’s stabbing reminded him when something similar happened to him at the blade of the Shredder during “City Fall” from 2013-2014. Raphael, despite wanting to abandon violence, now vows to take the fight to the enemy.

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Such militant thinking finds the pair in good company with the Mutanimals. Founded by Old Hob, their primary purpose has been to strike back against humans who created and abused mutants. Such a mission lost focus until Slash died due to the efforts of Bishop. Raphael and Casey arrive in the nick of time, as Hob is about to lead the entire team on a raid. Yet this time his target isn’t Bishop or Karai, but the Null Group. The corporation has created and exploited mutants for years, including team members Man Ray, Sally Pride, and Mutagen Man.

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