MCU: Current characters will be important villains in the future

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Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War..Zemo (Daniel Brühl)..Photo Credit: Film Frame..© Marvel 2016

Helmut Zemo

Helmut Zemo wasn’t the big bad we’re used to seeing. He wasn’t knocking down buildings, and he didn’t have an army of minions at his disposal. Instead, he used his brains to single-handedly make the Avengers fight each other. Granted, the Avengers having to work for the government was a long time coming. What Zemo did set things over the top and made certain it would happen. His plans even put Steve Rogers and Tony Stark against each other and broke up the Avengers. If they were together, who knows if they could have beaten Thanos.

As of now, Zemo is locked up, but there’s no way he remains incarcerated. First off, he’s too intelligent to not figure out a way to get out of jail. Most importantly, if he could do that to the Avengers on his own, the U.S. Government might look at this as an opportunity. With Zemo’s help, they could look take out the Avengers once and for all. At the very least, they could try to find a way to control them. Zemo is another one of those villains who doesn’t need a punch someone to be an effective antagonist. Everything he does is calculated and something the Avengers wouldn’t immediately know how to deal with. With his rumored appearance in Falcon and the Winter Solider, we may be seeing him soon.