Riverdale kills off major character with a jaw-dropping twist

Riverdale pulled the wool out from under its viewers by killing off a major character with an unexpected twist.

Riverdale left audiences’ jaws dropped when they discovered the possibility that the show might have killed off fan-favorite character Jughead Jones at the conclusion of the third season.

While the show has since returned to the present-day and built towards that moment once more, the few flash-forwards we have seen have done little to portray Jughead as being anything but dead – leaving fans hoping that the show is fooling us all.

Now, here we stand after just witnessing the latest episode – “Chapter Seventy: The Ides of March” – and it’s safe to assume that things don’t turn out any better for the beloved character.

During what was undoubtedly the week from hell for Jughead, the Stonewall Prep student was unfairly expelled from the school, told some ham-fisted lie about having to submit a new story to the Baxter Brotherhood by Friday (which he actually attempted to begin) and accused of plagiarism over a story that he wrote. And then, when he attempted to fight that at the tribunal, Bret blackmailed him – telling his classmate that he’d reveal Jughead and Betty Cooper’s sex-tape to the world.

In the end, Jug agreed to leave Stonewall quietly, but not before taking Bret out into the woods. However, as he did so, Donna revealed to Betty that she spoke with Evelyn Evernever, and learned a new word that could manipulate her into hurting her loved ones (and no, it’s not Tangerine). And, unfortunately, the next time we saw Jughead, he was lying at Betty’s feet.

As Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge approached, they confirmed the unimaginable – Jughead was dead and Betty was indeed the one who had apparently killed him.

While Jughead’s death (or the appearance of it, at least) seemed inevitable, the shock was the fact that Betty was the one who seemingly did it. When we first saw this clip earlier in the season, fans hoped it was orchestrated as such, and while there’s still a chance it could be a rouse, the sight is rather incriminating (not-to-mention haunting).

Is this all a trick, or is our beloved Jughead Jones truly dead? Time will tell, but unfortunately, we’ll have to wait two weeks to find out.

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Riverdale returns to The CW in two weeks, on Wednesday Feb. 26, at 8:00 p.m. ET. Are you looking forward to it? Do you think Jughead is still alive? Let us know in the comments below!