Rumor: Stargirl renewed for a third season; will introduce huge DC character

According to a new rumor, development of a third season of DC’s Stargirl has begun and it could introduce a major DC character.

Stargirl was one of last season’s most successful new shows. Streaming on DC Universe and airing on The CW the next night, it instantly appealed to the two fandoms of DC television. And with that, it didn’t come as a surprise that it was renewed for a second season before it even concluded its debut run.

Following the evolution of the DCU into a comics-only app, the show’s second season will now be exclusive to The CW, with it joining the network’s host of original Arrowverse programming. It’s expected to return later this year but, as of now, its premiere date remains unclear. However, it seems we should be preparing to see a lot more of the Star-Spangled Girl.

Is Stargirl season 3 happening?

According to Stargirl.tvStargirl‘s third season is already in development and it’s looking like “it’s a go”. While this has yet to be confirmed by official sources, it certainly bodes well for the newbie superhero show, especially considering it was just renewed for a second season (which has yet to even air).

That’s not the only exciting rumor about the show, though…

Who will be the villain of Stargirl season 3?

According to the site, the show will also be introducing Bruce Gordon in the third season. Now, fans of DC Comics will know that, in the comics, Bruce acted as the reluctant human host of Eclipso – who sought to use the scientist in order to prevent him from defeating him.

Again, this has yet to be confirmed but there is some evidence to suggest Bruce could make his presence felt. While it’s unlikely that Bruce will be the villain of the show, the fact that Eclipso is Stargirl season 2’s antagonist suggests there’s a strong likelihood the DC character will appear in some capacity in the near-future.

Stargirl season 2 is expected to air on The CW sometime in the spring but the premiere date has yet to be confirmed.

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