DCEU: All 9 DC Extended Universe films ranked from worst to best

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Credit: Warner Bros. and DC Films for Suicide Squad (2016) — Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie)

With Wonder Woman 1984 now out in the world, let’s see how all the DC Extended Universe films stack up against each other.

When it comes to cinematic universes, it goes without saying that Marvel Studios’ MCU is the one to beat. That may be an undisputed fact, but it hasn’t stopped Warner Bros. from trying, as they launched their very own, the DCEU, midway through the decade.

Though their Superman film Man Of Steel was released in 2013, it wasn’t until its long-awaited sequel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was announced that WB confirmed their intentions to build a shared universe full of DC Comics superheroes and from there, the DCEU has grown into something else entirely.

As with most things in life, it suffered from multiple teething issues (and perhaps a little rushing), but after a few trips back to the drawing board, the creative visionaries at Warner Bros. and DC managed to turn things around and produced a number of strong films.

Now, the latest offering, Wonder Woman 1984, has arrived. With that in mind, let’s take this opportunity to look back at every DCEU film so far and see which ones reign supreme – and which ones didn’t quite hit the mark.

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