The Batman: Taron Egerton stuns as Red Hood in epic new image

Taron Egerton looks incredible as Red Hood in this The Batman image.

The Batman is one of the most eagerly-anticipated movies of 2022. The film stars Robert Pattinson in the lead role as The Dark Knight himself, Bruce Wayne, and it was originally supposed to be released at Halloween this year. Unfortunately, the delays caused by everything happening in the world at the moment made that impossible and thus, the film was delayed to March the following year.

Very little is known about the upcoming Batman reboot, though it is clear that it will be a standalone adventure and not tied to the DCEU. That said, director Matt Reeves is reportedly developing a trilogy so we should get used to seeing Pattinson’s Caped Crusader.

One character that keeps popping up on lists of characters that fans would like to see in the movie is Red Hood. Now, we have an idea of what that might look like.

What Taron Egerton might look like as Red Hood in The Batman

Digital artist Mizuri has posted some incredible artwork on Instagram (H/T: Heroic Hollywood) for a live-action adaptation of Under The Red Hood, which features Taron Egerton as the role of Red Hood.

Red Hood is an incredibly popular character in DC Comics today. Initially the second Robin, Jason Todd wasn’t all that well-received by fans. However, after his controversial death at the hands of The Joker, Todd was resurrected as Red Hood. A violent and vengeful vigilante that takes pleasure in inflicting pain on those he attacks – something that makes him a black sheep in the iconic Bat-Family. Todd made his first live-action appearance in DC Universe’s Titans in which he is portrayed by Curran Walters.

There are a lot of fans that would love to see the Kingsman star tackle some comic book roles and Red Hood is certainly on that list. Will we see the character appear in Reeves’ The Batman trilogy? That remains to be seen, but as this fanart highlights, Egerton would surely be an incredible choice.

Would you like to see Taron Egerton appear in The Batman? Do you think Red Hood should appear in the movie? Let us know in the comments below!