Watch Batwoman season 2, episode 6 trailer

Things get life-threatening for Ryan Wilder because of her Kryptonite wound in next week’s episode of Batwoman season 2. Before they do, check out the brand new trailer for “Do Not Resuscitate”.

Batwoman season 2 has taken the show to new heights. The Arrowverse series returned a number of weeks ago with a new hero and that led to some new storylines making their presence felt among the previous season’s.

Javicia Leslie’s arrival as Ryan Wilder has seen a new Scarlet Knight take over from Kate Kane as the savior of Gotham City. With Ryan on Team Batwoman, the heroes have been looking for ways to protect the unprotected in Gotham while also trying to figure out what happened to the original Batwoman. Meanwhile, Alice has been intent on tracking down her heroic sister so that she can be the one to kill her but it is beginning to look like there is more to the story than that. And with Alice’s history with Safiyah, that’s undoubtedly closer to the truth than the villain would care to admit.

If you’re too excited for the next episode to wait a week then you’re in luck as The CW has released a brand new trailer for the next installment.

Watch Batwoman season 2, episode 6 promo trailer

The upcoming episode, titled “Do Not Resuscitate”, will see Ryan Wilder’s Kryptonite wound get much worse. The result of being shot with a Kryptonite bullet by Tommy Elliot, Ryan hasn’t told anyone about the green wound and it is beginning to affect her – something we saw in last week’s installment when she nearly crashed the Batmobile.

The next installment, however, is going to take that one step further as it could very well end up rendering her unable to fulfil her duty as Batwoman – and perhaps even put her own life in danger.

Speaking of life-threatening, the interest in the Desert Rose serum puts both Mary Hamilton-Kane and stepfather Jacob Kane in great danger. And, elsewhere, Alice’s past will catch up with her as she begins to face some of what happened to her during her time with Safiyah and Ocean.

Batwoman season 2 returns to The CW next Sunday, Feb. 28, at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Are you looking forward to Batwoman season 2, episode 6? How do you think Ryan will overcome the Kryptonite bullet wound? Let us know in the comments below!