25 timeless Marvel movie quotes every Marvel fan should know

Avengers: Endgame (2019) poster. Image: Marvel Studios
Avengers: Endgame (2019) poster. Image: Marvel Studios /
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“This drink, I like it. ANOTHER!” – Thor


Marvel movie: Thor

Thor still isn’t a popular movie. It’s among the movies that Marvel fans may agree is one of the few bad movies in their franchise. The fight scenes aren’t memorable, the story isn’t that great, and it wasn’t a good representation of Thor overall. That said, there was a scene that does stand out and survive the test of time.

Thor, Jane Foster, Darcy, and Dr. Erik Selvig are having breakfast. This seemed like the best way to learn about their new companion (despite the fact he seems crazy). During the meal, Thor is drinking coffee for the first time. Rather than just say he’s enjoying it, he goes completely Asgard. He announces that he’s enjoying the drink, slams the mug on the floor, and demands another one.

Was this the deepest of Marvel movie quotes? Absolutely not. It makes the list because it was one of the silliest scenes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was a silly minute of content that became the most memorable part of the movie. This one scene manages to be remembered in an unmemorable film. It’s probably the only part of the movie that people look back on fondly. That and Darcy calling Thor’s hammer “meow meow.”