DC has found a terrifying new Bane for Joker 2

Joker No. 2 shows more players entering the game of, “Catch the Joker”, including a terrifying new Bane. Little do they know, he’s waiting for them.

The Joker comic book series began with the readers not seeing much of The Joker himself. What we saw was James Gordon’s haunting thoughts on Joker and how he was strapped for cash. Later, we see that a mysterious rich woman offered Gordon enough money to solve his financial problems for life. All he’d have to do is find the dreaded Batman villain. The catch is that he’d have to bring him back dead.

Obviously, killing him goes against everything James Gordon stands for. Then Gordon realizes all the horrible things the Clown Prince of Crime done to him personally and to the rest of the world. Issue No. 2 of Joker shows how he deals with these thoughts and who else is after the Clown Prince of Crime.

James Gordon, Oracle, and Batman

Gordon tells Batman exactly what’s going on. However, he leaves out the part that he’s supposed to kill The Joker. Batman says that he’ll help but that Gordon has to agree to contact him when he locates the villain. Gordon tells him “That makes sense to me.” Oracle mentions how Gordon doesn’t agree and that’s when Gordon drops a bomb. He lets Batman and Oracle know that he’s aware of his daughter’s vigilante life.

Readers probably weren’t too shocked by this. James Gordon is an incredible detective and he probably knows who Batman is. There have been more than a few situations where Gordon seems to hint to knowing. Also, as Gordon says, he knows his daughter no matter how she changes her voice or what costume she’s wearing. It’s actually sweet that he knew this entire time and let her operate in secret. What we should pay attention to is how their relationship changes going forward.

A new Bane rises to take out the Joker

Before the Joker series was announced, it was revealed that James Gordon wasn’t the only person on the job. We found out that Bane was involved as well. Issue No. 2, however, reveals that it isn’t the Bane we thought. Like a scene out of a science fiction movie, a new Bane rises out of a vat of venom. And she knows her target and it’s Joker. This new Bane is known as the “Daughter of Bane”.

She’s definitely a formidable force, but could we see the return of the original Bane too? Sure, it is believed that he died in the fire that The Joker started in Arkham Asylum, but here’s a theory: What if Bane is the giant man that’s been walking around with our mystery woman? How is it possible? With the help of the Court of Owls. Wait, the court of Owls are involved too? They certainly could be. During one of the Joker War tie-ins, Joker resurrected one of the Court of Owls assassins. The Court of Owls don’t take kindly to people messing with them or even knowing they exist. With that in mind, it would make sense for them to go after him.

Lastly, we have the Sampson family. An older man is telling other people how his younger brother was killed when The Joker gassed Arkham Asylum, dying without having a chance to defend himself. He claims that this was to be dealt with how they normally do and ordered some people to find the Clown Prince of Crime and kill him so he can cook and eat him.

Joker isn’t done for

We all know it won’t be that easy to catch the Clown Prince of Crime. Outnumbered or not, Joker doesn’t go down without a fight. All of the insane looking gadgets, laughter, and jokes are all part of what makes him who he is. It keeps people off their game. How many times have people gone after him, believing that he’s “just a dumb clown”, only to be killed by the “dumb clown.” And, despite his antics and gimmicks, he’s one of the best tacticians in comic book history.

Joker knows that people are coming for him. With that knowledge, he sets himself up in a place where villains go to hide from heroes. When he’s almost kicked out, Joker let’s the guy in charge know that his enemies are coming for him. He also tells them that the only way to keep the resort secret is to let him do what he has to do. It involves 30 of his henchmen and a tailor to make him something green and purple. If you’re going to work, you have to have your uniform.

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