Watch The Flash season 7, episode 13 trailer

The Flash season 7 returns to The CW next week. Before it does, check out the brand new trailer for “Masquerade”.

The Flash season 7 has officially reached its halfway point. In terms of episode count, the Arrowverse show is actually past its halfway point. The story its attempting to tell, however, has been split into two graphic novels. The second of those graphic novels has just begun.

The second graphic novel kicked off with the end of a Flash era as Cisco Ramon left Central City behind for a new chapter with his girlfriend Kamilla Hwang. But he didn’t go before teaming up with his Team Flash family one more time, bringing Mecha Vibe to the fight once again.

With the new chapter of the season officially underway, The CW has released the brand new trailer for the next episode. If you’re too excited to wait until next week for new content, check it out now.

Watch The Flash season 7, episode 13 promo trailer

The upcoming episode, titled “Masquerade”, will see Cecile Horton find herself in a terrifying predicament. Trapped in a psychic prison, she will have to confront her past in order to break free from it.

Meanwhile, with Cisco having departed Team Flash, it will be up to Chester P. Runk to guide Barry Allen on comms and help him save Central City from any threats. However, when Chester inadvertently makes a mistake, it leaves the Scarlet Speedster in some trouble.

With Joe West no longer the captain of the CCPD, he will take it upon himself to investigate Kristen Kramer’s background in the hopes of finding out why she’s so hellbent on making metas pay the ultimate price.

The Flash season 7 returns to The CW next Tuesday, June 15, at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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