Marvel’s She-Hulk becomes the Winter Hulk in jaw-dropping image

One of our favorite gamma-induced heroes has been forcefully transformed into an assassin known as the Winter Hulk.

In Marvel Comics, the last five years have been incredibly rocky and a bit unusual – even for Jennifer Walters. Following Civil War II, she had a crisis of identity when it came to her She-Hulk persona. After an invasion by the Celestials, her lean, green and sassier alter-ego became more hulking and barbaric once more due to subsequent exposure to gamma rays by a Celestial.

However, as reported by earlier in the summer, She-Hulk would be undergoing another major change – this time transforming into the Winter Hulk in the World War She-Hulk storyline.

World War She-Hulk began with Avengers Vol. 8 No.46 by Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón, which of course paid homage to the more well-known crossover event by Greg Pak that featured her gladiator-like war-hardened and now eternal cousin returning to Earth with a vengeance.

How She-Hulk became Winter Hulk

She-Hulk transformed from the-now-immortal version of Marvel’s green super-heroine into a terrifying female assassin sporting red skin and blonde hair, as she ditched the purple look for an all-white costume with rings of silver strapped to her shoulders. Her new look and transformation can be seen in these haunting images from the comic itself.

Jennifer was converted by the Winter Guard through their latest upgrade of their covert training program, the Red Room, once she was captured by them. She was then relocated to Russia where, after being sentenced during a mock trial in Moscow, she was placed in a “mind oven” where she was subjected to a procedure which is a combination of extreme torture, high doses of radiation and brainwashing. The Avengers attempted to rescue her but were too late as the Winter Hulk emerged.

The first time Winter Hulk was introduced was in the animated series Avengers Assemble in season 3, episode 14, titled “Seeing Double”, where Dr. Bruce Banner was captured by HYDRA Agents and subjected to the Winter Soldier program to become the Winter Hulk.

What do you think of She-Hulk’s new look? Do you like the direction Marvel is going with the Winter Hulk? Are you going to take a look at World War She-Hulk? Let us know in the comments below!