John Cena returns in must-see new Peacemaker trailer

Peacemaker returns to screens in the new trailer for the HBO Max series. 

In 2021, James Gunn opened up a new corner of the DC Universe with The Suicide Squad. That corner will expand in 2022 with HBO Max’s Peacemaker. Created by Gunn and starring John Cena, the series follows Christopher Smith (a.k.a. Peacemaker) following his near-death experience at the hands of Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad.

Having recovered from his injuries, Peacemaker is approached by the U.S. government to go on missions in exchange for staying out of prison. A new trailer for the series has arrived, providing a better look at the antihero’s (super-villain?) adventure.

Watch the New Peacemaker Trailer

Cena was a standout in The Suicide Squad. He was hilarious and would often make Peacemaker feel like an incoherent mess of a person (which, in all fairness, he was). Yet, when it came time for the character’s villainous turn, he was menacing and threatening.

While it doesn’t look like we’ll get to see a lot of Peacemaker’s unhinged side here (given the series’ more lighthearted tone compared to Task Force X’s most recent feature), the trailer makes it clear that Cena won’t disappoint in bringing what made his character so memorable.

Redeeming The (Almost) Irredeemable

Let’s face it: Christopher Smith is a terrible person. He tortures and kills anyone in his path in the name of justice. Making an entire big-budget series where audiences are asked to root for the individual is a sizable challenge.

Yet, that’s exactly what Peacemaker aims to do. Gunn’s approach, however, is clever, as he’s not asking audiences to forgive Smith for his past transgressions. Instead, as he explained during this year’s Television Critics Association (via TVLine), he’s using the character’s long road to personal betterment as the hook for viewers to connect with him:

“Peacemaker has a lot of issues […] And I don’t sit down and say, ‘Well, I’ve got to make this character likable.’ I just [try] to make a character as fully fleshed as possible […] One of the things [that] made me want to tell the story of Peacemaker is that he has a lot to learn […] And it wouldn’t take just one season of TV for him to learn that. But it is that ability to learn that he does have that for me makes him a little bit more likable. His blindspots in some places are pretty terrible, and in some places, they’re just him being ignorant. And I think that’s an important distinction to make.”

Gunn planted the seeds of Smith’s potential to grow in The Suicide Squad. The film featured a few moments where we could see that underneath (as in, deep, deep inside) his irrationality and violent nature, he had a (somewhat) good heart. Such moments included his acknowledgement of Sebastian (Ratcatcher 2’s pet) during a drinking session with the rest of Task Force X, and his hesitation to kill Rick Flag and Ratcatcher 2.

So, yes, Christopher Smith is a terrible man, and his path to (hopefully) becoming a better person will be long and hard, but it will likely be a path worth following.

Peacemaker will make its way into HBO Max on January 13, 2022.

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