Batgirl: Jaw-dropping new set photo confirms major DC character in DCEU

New photos from the set of Batgirl potentially confirms a major DC character exists in the DCEU but are they in the movie?

Batgirl is set to be one of the most interesting new films from the DC Extended Universe.

The project is set to star Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon and Brendan Fraser as Firefly. That’s a pretty impressive line-up as it stands and, to add to that, it was recently confirmed that Michael Keaton would return as his version of Batman, after already reprising the role in The Flash.

A HBO Max original movie, it is expected to premiere on the WarnerMedia streaming service sometime later this year, but an official release date has not yet been confirmed. However, production is underway and new set photos may have revealed that a major DC character could be entering the fray.

Robin makes his DCEU debut in Batgirl set photos

New photos from the set of Batgirl (which can be viewed here in a tweet) reveal that Robin does exist in the DCEU. As seen in that photo, a mural of Michael Keaton’s Batman features him alongside the Boy Wonder Robin.

While it doesn’t outright confirm that the Boy Wonder will appear in the movie, it does suggest that he is canon to the DCEU, and canon to the story of Keaton’s Dark Knight.

It is interesting to see the characters together in this image, as Marlon Wayans was originally meant to be the Robin of Keaton’s Batman universe. Still, Batman has had many Robins in the comics so it could be a different version of the character.

Batgirl and Dick Grayson (the first Robin) also have a very intimate and close relationship in the comics and numerous other Batman media, which the film may be looking to adapt if the latter were to appear. The mural could also simply be teasing the character.

Batgirl is set to release on HBO Max in 2022.

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