Thor: The God of Thunder just became a Hulk in jaw-dropping new Marvel series

During Marvel’s Banner of War, The God of Thunder turned into a giant, green, and even more powerful Thor. And he’s standing in front of Tony Stark.

Thor and the Hulk are both Avengers, but they’re also rivals. They constantly argue over the title of “Strongest Avenger.” This isn’t something that only happens in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Their fights are legendary and always end with tons of damage wherever they are.

When Marvel ComicsHulk Vs. Thor: Banner of War was announced, readers knew this was going to be another amazing fight. They weren’t disappointed.

The two super-powered heroes traveled across space to have a fight where no one could get hurt. In an arena created from the severed hand of a celestial, they attacked each other in ways that they never had before. Considering they’ve been in Marvel Comics for over half a century, that says a lot. There was even a moment where Odin (now in Mjolnir) and Bruce Banner (in Hulk’s brain) fought each other. It was truly a battle worthy of gods. And then Tony Stark stepped in and messed everything up.

Tony took it personally that the Hulk tried to kill him (read Hulk No. 1 by Donny Cates for that). He arrives to Thor and Hulk’s battle in a Celestial powered Iron Man suit to get payback. As powerful as his suit was, it was no match for the Hulk. The Hulk wasn’t holding back. He didn’t realize he wasn’t in his head fighting fictional beings.

Hulk’s rage was so mighty that it was burning the ground. It eventually became too much gamma for him to hold and the Hulk exploded. After Tony Stark leaves his destroyed armor, he’s confronted by a giant, green, gamma powered God of Thunder. The gamma explosion infected the Hulk. Tony looked at this being and the only thing the Odinson had to say was, “Thor… Smash!”

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