The X-Men fan-cast that needs to happen in the MCU

X-Men Apocalypse team. Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
X-Men Apocalypse team. Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox. /
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – MAY 14: Dacre Montgomery attends Netflix’s “Stranger Things” season 4 premiere at Netflix Brooklyn on May 14, 2022 in Brooklyn, New York. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images) /

Dacre Montgomery as Cyclops

One of the most disrespected characters in the X-Men franchise was Cyclops. Fox’s animated series had him look like a chump. Wolverine always one-upped him, like when the time he cut the roof off his car. The live-action movies didn’t do any better. He was killed off unceremoniously and outshined once again by Wolverine. The foolishness needs to stop. Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men who isn’t the Professor X follower he was made out to be. He’s a warrior in his own right with his own ideals about what the X-Men should be.

Scott Summers has a vast and tragic history and a lineage that ties him to Mr. Sinister. He’s the first recruit by Professor X after they teamed up to defeat a big bad. The actor playing him has to have a commanding presence. With the MCU, they could opt to go for an older Cyclops, like bringing back James Marsden — he deserved better. Henry Cavill is a name floated around too, but that needs to stop. So, who should play Cyclops?

Dacre Montgomery is an up-and-coming actor known for playing the jerk Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things and Jason the Red Ranger in Power Rangers (2017). At 27, he’s young enough to play a youthful version of the hero and old enough to play the tough nose leader of the X-Men. Fan cast articles have floated his name around as Johnny Storm, but Cyclops is a better fit. And it’s easy to envision the chemistry between him and the next name on this list.