When does Fear The Walking Dead season 8 come out?

Fear The Walking Dead season 8 will be a major season for the zombie drama. When can viewers expect it to return to screens?

She’s back. Yes, after four unbelievably long seasons of uncertainty, Madison Clark has finally returned to Fear The Walking Dead. The character was presumably killed off back in the fourth season when a new creative direction evolved it from a Walking Dead prequel to a companion show. However, after that decision was reviled by viewers, Madison is finally back.

Kim Dickens returned in the last episodes of season 7 and set the stage for her full-time return in season 8. And speaking of season 8, when can fans expect Fear TWD to return to screens?

It’s a season of change for the TWD Universe as parent series The Walking Dead has now bowed out with its series finale. Now with TWD completed, all sights are turning to its various spinoff shows, including Fear, with many wondering when it will also return from hiatus?

Fear The Walking Dead season 8 release date predictions

Fear The Walking Dead season 8 will premiere on AMC in 2023. While the cable network hasn’t decided on a premiere month just yet, 2022 was ruled out when a new teaser confirmed that it was in production and would return next year. That said, most had already ruled this year out as an option as all the attention has understandably been on The Walking Dead as it concludes its eleventh and final season.

As AMC often relies on Fear to fill The Walking Dead‘s slot whenever it’s on hiatus, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect the show’s eighth season to premiere as early as January 2023 and lead the TWD Universe into a new era. After all, it usually divides its season into two parts, and with The Walking Dead: Dead City premiering in April, it could have aired its first seven episodes by then.

That’s just a prediction, however, and it’s best to wait for an official announcement from AMC, the cast and / or the crew before assuming when it’s coming back. But rest assured that, just like Madison, Fear The Walking Dead is returning.

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