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9. House of the Dragon episode 2: “The Rogue Prince”

Speaking of filler episodes, the second episode of the season kind of feels like that. While it moves the plot along, it does so pretty slowly. It’s pretty much a typical second episode of a new show; the writers are still setting up the world and the characters viewers must get familiar with. But that’s not to say there aren’t awesome moments in “The Rogue Prince.”

Daemon’s been banished from the Red Keep after wronging his brother Viserys, and as it turns out, he’s stolen a dragon egg. He’s living out in Dragonstone with his mistress Mysaria and fully intends on wedding her even though he’s already married. This episode also sets up an early villain called the Crabfeeder, who’s interesting enough.

After the death of Viserys’ wife Aemma and their baby, Otto starts his manipulation scheme and sends Alicent to comfort the king. Of course, this comes with ulterior motives as he knows Viserys will have to take another wife soon.

The second episode does a great job developing Rhaenyra and Daemon’s complex relationship as see how much Rhaenyra has Daemon wrapped around her finger. Things will only escalate for them in future episodes, and this plants that seed again.

There are high moments in the second episode, but not enough to rank it higher on the list.