Smallville: All 10 seasons ranked from worst to best

Smallville: The Complete Series. © 2021 Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
Smallville: The Complete Series. © 2021 Warner Bros. Home Entertainment /
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8. Season 10

Smallville‘s decade of storytelling culminated with its tenth and final. It was a season that would see Clark Kent complete the final chapters in his pre-Superman story, building towards an epic series finale that would see the Man of Steel take flight. But before it got there, we had a nostalgic trip through memories, some returning familiar faces, and a conspiracy involving the infamous DC supervillain Darkseid.

One of the most enjoyable things about season 10 is that Clark and Lois get to be Clark Kent and Lois Lane. There were no longer any secrets between them as they planned their wedding so they got to be the dynamic duo that their comic book counterparts have been for decades. The fact that the show was doing that and still wouldn’t let Clark be Superman was a little frustrating, but it was easier to buy since we knew we were close to the big moment.

The season had its struggles, specifically the fact that it felt like a redo of season 9 but not quite as strong. Furthermore, the fact that we didn’t get to see Darkseid was a little disappointing, but not nearly as disappointing as the fact that we never got to see Tom Welling fully suited up as Superman. If you made the fans wait 10 years, the least you could do is deliver.

All that aside, season 10 is an enjoyable close to the legendary chapter; one full of its own triumphant and emotional moments. And its ending is so goosebump-inducing, so perfect, that it will always bring a smile to your face.