All 13 Batman TV shows ranked from worst to best

Photo: Gotham: The Final Season. Image Courtesy FOX
Photo: Gotham: The Final Season. Image Courtesy FOX /
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11. Birds of Prey

The cult following of Birds of Prey wasn’t enough to make it one of the top five greatest Batman shows of all time, but it still has a dedicated cult following who love the show for its unique take on the Dark Knight universe and its strong female characters.

The show takes place in the future, where Batman has retired and his daughter, Helena Kyle (Ashley Scott), has taken up the mantle of Huntress. She teams up with Oracle (Dina Meyer), the former Batgirl who is now confined to a wheelchair, and Dinah Lance (Rachel Skarsten), a young girl with psychic powers who becomes the Black Canary. Together, the three women form the Birds of Prey and fight crime in Gotham City.

Before Batwoman, Birds of Prey was a show focused on strong, complex female characters. The Birds of Prey are all unique individuals with their own strengths and weaknesses, and they’re not just there to be love interests or sidekicks. They’re heroes in their own right, and the show does a great job of highlighting their individual struggles and triumphs.

Birds of Prey was a unique take on the Bat-universe. The show takes place in a future where the Dark Knight has retired, which allows the writers to explore new and interesting storylines without being tied down to the canon of the comics or previous adaptations. Birds of Prey worked better as a movie. Let’s hope we get to see a sequel.