Titans: All 4 seasons ranked from worst to best

Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max
Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max /
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Brenton Thwaites, Curran Walters in Titans Season 3, Episode 13 – Courtesy of HBO Max /

2. Season 3

When fans heard that Titans would be adapting the iconic DC Red Hood arc for its third season, there were concerns that it might be a little rushed. And in some ways, it was, as the show skipped over the wait between Jason Todd’s death and resurrection to get to the Hood’s arrival, but it’s worth overlooking that when you take into account just how great the finished product ended up being.

Curran Walters was nothing short of exceptional with the spotlight on him, delivering a nuanced portrayal of the wayward Robin-turned-Red Hood. He was also incredibly convincing as the villain of the season and proved why he was the Titans’ greatest threat yet.

The first half of Titans‘ third season is arguably the strongest batch of episodes the show has ever produced. Like in previous seasons, it did lose itself along the way before tying things together in the finale, but the show had finally found a sweet spot between gritty crime drama and superhero TV show that worked for it.

The Gotham setting complemented the show well, and even though the iteration of the Scarecrow we got was a little questionable, there is no denying that he was a force-to-be-reckoned with throughout the season. And the introduction of Tim Drake injected it with more of that fun and youthful vibe Titans really needed a lot more of (and set the stage for one of the best single episodes of the series).