All 12 Friday the 13th movies ranked from worst to best

Friday the 13th Part 4 - Courtesy of Paramount+
Friday the 13th Part 4 - Courtesy of Paramount+ /
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10. Jason X

After Jason went to Hell, they had to think of something to do that wouldn’t interfere with the upcoming Freddy vs Jason, but also give everyone a return to the hack-and-slash of the franchise’s heyday.

So naturally, you send Jason to space.

The premise is that Jason and an employee at a Crystal Lake Research Facility are cryogenically frozen. After the planet becomes uninhabitable hundreds of years in the future, a class comes back to the planet to do an archeological dig, only to discover the two Crystal Lake popsicles, and bring them on board. When they get them on board they are able to save the woman, and unfortunately for everyone on the ship, Jason thaws out like tonight’s pork chops.

This is a nice throwback to a standard Friday the 13th film. Fantastic kills, a lot of blood, and Jason. Performed for the last time by Kane Hodder. There is something about Hodder as Jason. He really encompasses the role and seems to know what Jason would and wouldn’t do.

The premise of the film was enough to make people chuckle, but when the man championing the film at New Line wasn’t there anymore, the film was shelved and became one of the first victims of pirating. Being one of the most pirated films of the time, ruining the returns at the box office and putting a halt to a solo Friday the 13th film anytime in the near future.