All 14 Halloween movies ranked from worst to best

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10. The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

Halloween is a franchise that has been captivating horror fans for over 40 years. From its inception in 1978, Michael Myers has become a household name and a symbol of the slasher genre. Over the years, the Halloween franchise has had its ups and downs, with some films receiving critical acclaim while others falling short.

One film that often gets overlooked is Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. While it may not be considered one of the best Halloween films, because it definitely is not, it still offers a solid movie experience for fans of the greatest slasher of all time. The film follows the return of Michael Myers and the efforts of Tommy Doyle, a character from the first Halloween movie, to stop him.

The film is filled with suspenseful moments and classic horror tropes that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Just don’t be surprised this one didn’t quite live up to the hype compared to others in the franchise.

9. Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Another film that often gets a bad rap is Halloween: Resurrection (2002). While it may not stack up to some of the other Halloween movies, it is still worth watching for its unique take on the franchise and it’s definitely not as bad as others from the franchise.

The film follows a group of college students who are invited to participate in an online reality show that takes place in the childhood home of Michael Myers. The film offers a fresh perspective on the franchise and introduces new elements that help keep the story fresh.