X-Men: 7 actresses we want to see play Shadowcat in the MCU

Men Marvel comic book (Photo Illustration by Mario Tama/Getty Images)
Men Marvel comic book (Photo Illustration by Mario Tama/Getty Images) /
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – JULY 22: Amandla Stenberg visits the #IMDboat At San Diego Comic-Con 2022: Day Two on The IMDb Yacht on July 22, 2022 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for IMDb) /

3. Amandla Stenberg

When it comes to young actresses who have already proven to be next-level talents, Amandla Stenberg has to be discussed. Not only did she steal (and then break) our hearts as Rue in The Hunger Games, but she has also shown us her ability to be gritty and mature in other projects as well.

Among her other notable works, we have The Hate U Give, Everything Everything, and even The Darkest Minds. She has showcased repeatedly that she can bring maturity and gravity to any role that she takes on.

As Kitty Pryde, we can absolutely see her being fierce and powerful, while also bringing a sense of vulnerability to the role as well. She has what it takes to be a leader on our screens, and she also has a gift for embodying a character in a way that makes us believe she truly is that person. And we want that from whoever takes on the mutant, Shadowcat.

While this may also seem like a bit of a controversial idea considering the characters she has already portrayed, it also seems like Stenberg would be a great fit for the role because she isn’t necessarily as big of a name as say someone like Halle Bailey. The actress is still unknown enough that she could become a staple of the MCU’s future without anyone looking at her and picturing a different character that she has played.