All 3 Fear Street movies ranked from worst to best

FEAR STREET PART 1: 1994 - (Pictured) MAYA HAWKE as HEATHER. Cr: Netflix © 2021
FEAR STREET PART 1: 1994 - (Pictured) MAYA HAWKE as HEATHER. Cr: Netflix © 2021 /
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Fear Street
FEAR STREET PART 2: 1978 – Cr: Netflix © 2021 /

1. Fear Street: Part Two – 1978

The second movie in the Fear Street trilogy is absolutely the best of the movies. It was what we would have wanted to see in 1666, which is a storyline primarily set in the same year and a fully developed horror story that stands on its own. Yes, it starts and ends in 1994, but it is done in a way that doesn’t detract from the fact that this story is set in 1978 and a lot of the story needs to be told from this time period.

For me, 1978 is brilliant in both setting (summer camp) and storytelling. The setting is believable as a place of horror, and the story is told in a way that makes you believe an evil is present that is haunting these children and the people running this camp. (Honestly, this movie reminded me of American Horror Story 1984 in the very best ways.)

This movie features murders, a massacre, witchcraft, a touch of romance, and plenty of spooky moments. We have killers coming back from the dead, a curse, and even the truth of who some of the adults really are in relation to what happened in 1978 and even in 1666.

Honestly, 1978 may not be when or where everything began, but it offers us the meatiest part of the story. It is the time period that is the best developed in terms of the evil plaguing the town and it is where we learn a lot of the truth about the murders in 1994.

Basically, Fear Street: Part Two – 1978 is everything we wanted from the series and more. It was a great representation of what you might find in the book series and it is a great way to tie all the time periods together. This movie also had a great flow and allowed us to seamlessly flow from one time period to the next without feeling rushed or as if the story hasn’t been fully told.

This was horror done right and you have to love that.

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