Top 10 Spider-Man video games ranked from worst to best

Marvel's Spider-Man. Image courtesy Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation, and Insomniac Games
Marvel's Spider-Man. Image courtesy Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation, and Insomniac Games /
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1. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

It all comes to this. The title for the best Spider-Man game ever made has to go to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and with good reason. It shouldn’t come as a surprise considering Insomniac’s latest project came out just this year (at the time of writing this), and that means it has a technological advantage over every other title in this list.

As time goes by, developers can make use of more powerful hardware and game engines, allowing them to create jaw-dropping set pieces and insanely detailed 3D models. However, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s success can’t be attributed only to its technical qualities. Yes, they do make for a better experience. Besides, few things compare to watching Peter and Miles glide at insane speeds across New York City on a map that looks gorgeous and is filled with life. However, the game’s greatest strength resides both in the way it makes use of the wall-crawler’s abilities and its phenomenal story.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is made with passion and great attention to detail. All main characters have great arcs, the villains are phenomenal (especially Kraven since he had more time to shine), and the game doesn’t shy away from letting players experience jaw-dropping set pieces only to later play an emotional cut scene. Better yet, it has a perfect traversal system and what might be the best combat mechanics after Spider-Man: Web of Shadows.

However, it doesn’t matter how great Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is, there’s no denying there’s still room for improvement (as you can read in our spoiler review), and that’s great. Maybe someday in the future, we’ll make another ranking where a new game takes up the first spot on the list. But until that happens, Insomniac has the (very well-deserved) crown for making the best Spidey experience across digital media and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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