The Expanse: Every character ranked from worst to best

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1. Amos Burton

Amos Burton isn’t just a character- he’s a whole vibe, and a very hot vibe at that. This guy is the definition of a tough cookie with a heart, wrapped up in a package that’s… just way too easy on the eyes. He’s got this rugged, no-nonsense exterior that makes you think he’s all about muscle and brawn. But then, you get these moments where his softer side peeks through, showing there’s more to him than just being a tough guy, and that is where I fell in love. It’s this mix of tough and tender that keeps everyone around him on their toes and makes him a fan favorite.

Amos’ backstory is a bit like a puzzle. He’s got shadows in his past that he doesn’t talk about much, adding an air of mystery that

just adds to his hotness

is super intriguing. You can’t help but wonder what he’s been through to make him the way he is. And the way he navigates through the chaos of the show’s universe, with its space dogfighting and political shenanigans, is just cool as hell. He’s not just throwing punches – he’s often the voice of reason in a crazy situation, showing off his smarts along with his

amazing looks


Then there’s the whole “Amos being hot” thing that may or may not be obvious to viewers. I mean, come on. The man has this effortless, rugged charm that’s absolutely electrifying and magnetic. He’s not your typical polished hero: he’s got this raw, real vibe that’s incredibly sexy appealing. Those intense eyes, the occasional smirk, and the way he carries himself – you can’t help but be drawn to him. Whether he’s in the thick of action or just chilling on the ship, Amos brings this undeniable presence to the screen that will keep you thinking about him for hours after an episode. In a show full of complex characters and wild space adventures, Amos Burton stands out as the badass with a heart of gold and the kind of hotness that’s as much about attitude as it is about looks.

And that’s it.

That’s my list. Whether you agree or not – and that’s ok if you do – these 10 characters have all shaped the series to what it is now, and make it the amazing show we all love to watch – and cry because it ended.

Who’s in your top 10?

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Which of the characters featured in The Expanse are your favorites?